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How to customize a Magic Trackpad

The BetterTouchTool utility allows you to define your own gestures and actions. In addition to its not-yet-final support for the Magic Trackpad, BetterTouchTool works with many third-party trackpads and Apple’s Magic Mouse.

via How to customize a Magic Trackpad | Business Center | Working Mac | Macworld.

System Software Notes Unix Notes

Advanced readline settings for bash in Terminal – Mac OS X Hints

The bash shell used in the Terminal application can be tweaked a little for better interactive experience, by saving the following lines as .intputrc in your home directory:

via Advanced readline settings for bash in Terminal – Mac OS X Hints.

The behavior of ‘bash’ is changed by more files that .bash_profile. In particular, the ‘readline’ settings are found in .inputrc – bashed my head against the wall for a while on a system that didn’t ignore case on filename completion.



System Software Notes

Send websites and docs to iBooks

With iTunes 9.2 and iOS 4, the iBooks 1.1 app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can store and view PDF files, together with EPUB files. If you want to quickly add a document or a web page to your Books collection in iTunes, all you need to do is to create an alias of iTunes and drag it to ~/Library/PDF Services. Now, when youre browsing the web or viewing documents and you decide that you want to read them later on a portable Apple device just hit Print, click the PDF button on the bottom left corner of the window and choose iTunes. iTunes will launch and receive the PDF. Next, sync your device and youre ready to go.

via Send websites and docs to iBooks – Mac OS X Hints.

Applications Notes

Different email address by group

Fortunately Address Book lets you set a default email address to use for each contact in the group. What’s more, this is on a per-group basis, so you can use a contact’s work email for one group and their home email for another group, for example.To do all this, choose Edit > Edit Distribution List. Click a group in the left column, then go through each email address, clicking the address you want to use for each contact the selected address is in bold:

via Mac Address Book tips: 5 more handy hints — Reality Distortion: Macs, Mac OS X, and Apple stuff.

Utilities Notes


“Cliclick” is short for “Command-Line Interface Click”. It is a a tiny shell / Terminal application that will emulate mouse clicks or series of mouse clicks including doubleclicks and control-clicks at arbitrary screen coordinates.

via Cliclick – Carsten Blüm: Mac Development.

This is such a nifty little tool. Want that shell script to do something?

Of course in the words of John Lennon – “Imagine there is no right-click”

Applications Notes

How to use Facebook Chat with iChat

First, find your Facebook username by going to Next, Open iChat, then select iChat » Preferences and click on the Accounts tab.

Click on the + (plus) sign to add a new account, with these settings:

Account Type is Jabber Account

Account name is, and enter your password

Click the drop-down arrow to reveal Server options. Enter as the server name.

Enter 5222 as the port and click Done.

Click Done again, and you are good to go.

via How to use Facebook Chat with iChat – Mac OS X Hints.

Applications Notes

Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes – Mac OS X Hints

In iTunes, a very useful feature is the File » Show Duplicates menu item. As expected by its name, you can use this feature to help weed out duplicates from your iTunes library. However, many people (myself included) have different versions of songs, remixes and such, which will show up as duplicates when using this feature.

The solution is to hold down the option key prior to selecting this menu item. When you do, Show Duplicates changes to Show Exact Duplicates. In this mode, iTunes shows only true duplicates, and not remixes or alternate versions.

via Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes – Mac OS X Hints:

Oh this is so nice. I can get rid of a few (bunch) tunes that are replicants in so many ways.

Misc Notes

Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM


This document explains how to reset the parameter random access memory (PRAM) and nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) on Macintosh computers.

Important: If your computer does not retain parameter RAM (PRAM) settings when it is turned off, this generally indicates that the battery needs to be changed. Refer to Macintosh Family: Batteries and Part Numbers.

via Resetting your Mac’s PRAM and NVRAM.

Unix Notes

Prevent a given partition from mounting at boot

There are several hints on this site for unmounting a partition at login, but a better way to make this happen can be used. You need to create an entry point in your filesystem table to tell the OS not to mount that specific volume, and this is relatively easy. In Mac OS X, and under Linux and others unix systems, the volume mounting configuration file is located in /etc/fstab. This file in Mac OS X Tiger is empty in Panther, its commented, but type man fstab in Terminal to read some important information.

via Prevent a given partition from mounting at boot – Mac OS X Hints.