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Dimensional Modeling Techniques – Kimball Group

Ralph Kimball introduced the data warehouse/business intelligence industry to dimensional modeling in 1996 with his seminal book, The Data Warehouse Toolkit.  Since then, the Kimball Group has extended the portfolio of best practices.Drawn from The Data Warehouse Toolkit, Third Edition, the “official” Kimball dimensional modeling techniques are described on the following links and attached .pdf:

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The AWS Outage: The Cloud's Shining Moment

In short, if your systems failed in the Amazon cloud this week, it wasn’t Amazon’s fault. You either deemed an outage of this nature an acceptable risk or you failed to design for Amazon’s cloud computing model.

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Welcome to the SICP Web Site

This site is a companion to the influential computer-science text Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman. Its purpose is to demonstrate the Web’s potential to be a channel for innovative support for textbook users.

The material on this site is aimed at instructors using SICP as a course text, and at people using the book for self-study.

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