Different email address by group

Fortunately Address Book lets you set a default email address to use for each contact in the group. What’s more, this is on a per-group basis, so you can use a contact’s work email for one group and their home email for another group, for example.To do all this, choose Edit > Edit Distribution List. Click a group in the left column, then go through each email address, clicking the address you want to use for each contact the selected address is in bold:

via Mac Address Book tips: 5 more handy hints — Reality Distortion: Macs, Mac OS X, and Apple stuff.

How to use Facebook Chat with iChat

First, find your Facebook username by going to http://www.facebook.com/your_user/. Next, Open iChat, then select iChat » Preferences and click on the Accounts tab.

Click on the + (plus) sign to add a new account, with these settings:

Account Type is Jabber Account

Account name is your_user@chat.facebook.com, and enter your password

Click the drop-down arrow to reveal Server options. Enter chat.facebook.com as the server name.

Enter 5222 as the port and click Done.

Click Done again, and you are good to go.

via How to use Facebook Chat with iChat – Mac OS X Hints.

Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes – Mac OS X Hints

In iTunes, a very useful feature is the File » Show Duplicates menu item. As expected by its name, you can use this feature to help weed out duplicates from your iTunes library. However, many people (myself included) have different versions of songs, remixes and such, which will show up as duplicates when using this feature.

The solution is to hold down the option key prior to selecting this menu item. When you do, Show Duplicates changes to Show Exact Duplicates. In this mode, iTunes shows only true duplicates, and not remixes or alternate versions.

via Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes – Mac OS X Hints:

Oh this is so nice. I can get rid of a few (bunch) tunes that are replicants in so many ways.

10 Steps To Protect The Admin Area In WordPress | Developers Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

This article focuses on defending the administration area of WordPress, meaning all those pages in the wp-admin folder or http://www.yourblog.com/wp-admin/ that are displayed after a user a verified. We highlighted the phrase “after a user is verified” deliberately: it should be explicitly understood that only a simple query stands in the way of an evil hacker and the powerful admin area of your whole blog. The latter is only as strong as the passwords that are generated.

via 10 Steps To Protect The Admin Area In WordPress | Developers Toolbox | Smashing Magazine.

Convert .doc files to PDF / retain structure info

I often convert big .doc files to PDF when I only need to read them, since they load much faster as PDFs. I was always annoyed that Word wouldn't transfer the document structure, with the headers etc., to the PDF's 'bookmarks' section. After a while, I came up with the solution…

Open the .doc or .docx file (I only tried .doc) with OpenOffice 3 and choose File » Export as PDF. This works like a charm, and I like the irony of OpenOffice being better than Microsoft at converting their very own closed format.

macosxhints.com – Convert .doc files to PDF and retain ‘structure’ info

Create the iTunes Library List

In the old days of iTunes 6 and earlier, the iTunes Source pane would contain a Library playlist that listed all the audio and video in your iTunes library. iTunes 7 removed this, and segmented the library into various 'master' libraries — Music, Movies, TV Shows, and so on. If you want to bring that overall Library playlist back, you can set two hidden preference keys in the Terminal:

$ defaults write com.apple.iTunes show-library-playlist -bool TRUE

$ defaults write com.apple.iTunes hide-library-playlist -bool FALSE

macosxhints.com – Make iTunes create a Library entry containing everything

Ahhh – now I can see it all.

Practical use for an SSH stream

Mac OS X users and faithful readers of TUAW know that there is great power found in the command-line, but one of the greatest advantages of OS X's UNIX heritage is the secure shell (SSH) client and server. From the Apple Matters article on SSH tunnels for the common man: "SSH is a network protocol that provides secure communication between two computers." Its power comes from the ability to create an encrypted tunnel through which a client can send many types of internet traffic.

How to stream your iTunes library across the web for free – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

Date-shifting in iPhoto 08

Date-shifting in iPhoto 08

I get a lot of requests to add date-shifting support for iPhoto 08 to my iPhoto AppleScripts. But in most cases, the scripts would be completely unnecessary, iPhoto finally built this feature into the application. Here’s how to use it.

Date-shifting in iPhoto ‘08.

This is a nice and handy thing. I can finally get all of my “web-saved” images into a sensible spot.