System Software Notes

Update time

– Update desktop system to 10.3.x
– Repair Permissions
– dismount and unplug FireWire devices
– OS X 10.3 CD – run software installer
– Turn off Translation options and Language extras
– saved about 600MB of space
– Said yes for iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Stuffit
– already have latest iTunes and friends
– First part complete at 12:02
– Disc 2 in progress
– Stuffit, iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, Printer Drivers (HP, Lexmark,
– Optimizing – 12:10
– Bizarre – Finder keeps going up and down
– killed (deleted) preferencePanes for user account
– no help
– got terminal session up and killed off the Silk process that was
– now appears that Finder will stay up
– While all the above Finder nonsense is going on I’m doing software
– Restart for 10.3.2 finish
– Desktop is a mess – will have to re-position things.
– make font size 10 before moving desktop icons

– Need to re-install
– Windowshade – done
– ASM? – done

– Test Apache service of PHP and forums
– all seems OK – had to replace httpd.conf
– Remember to do the CreateUsers script
– of course the web site is on the box we are upgrading so it may
be hard to read
– this didn’t work too well. The postfix directories had the wrong
– had to chown the postfix directories before mail outbound wanted
to work
– fink selfupdate
– first attempt appeared to fail, some library error
– second attempt (just re-run) is building a bunch of things
– third attempt – errors during build
– still not working – wait for Code Tools to be done
– Now fink selfupdate looks like it is working

– Code Tools disc last – after we see if things run
– installing while Fink is updating. dualies are nice
– except that it was messing up the tools build
– did Code Tools update
– back to fink now
– Done