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Accelerate Your Mac! News Archive for Dec. 23rd, 2003

MDD G4 owner report on using CHUD tools Nap mode for Cooler CPUs

Disabling CHUD Tools’ Hardware System control “Nap” mode was a common fix for the ‘chirping/squealing’ noise from the P.S. in G5s as mentioned in this previous article, but a Mirror Drive Door Dual G4/1GHz owner wrote that enabling Nap mode significantly reduced his CPU temperatures. The current CHUD tools version is 3.0.2 available from Apple FTP Developer Tools directory as well as the usual VT/MU sites. (BTW – a recent email from a MDD owner regarding overheating CPUs said it was

So I read this article. I have loudness from my very old dual-G4.

Temperature Monitor works – told me it was 91°F – and that it could be way off due to no real temperature sensing device.

Installed CHUD and fiddled with the Hardware system preference. It lets me set nap!

When I came into the office this morning the temp was 53°F.

The machine doesn’t “sleep” since it is a server.

Cool – really!