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Netjuke vs. PHP 5

So, I got my PHP 5 to work, and talk to MySQL.
I wonder if Netjuke works? Nope. Not at all.

Everywhere I read I see that Netjuke is not supported and will never work on PHP 5. Use Jinzora they say. Uck – that wasn’t fun.

Simply put. Fix “play.php” to only output one header at a time. Search for the header() call. It’s pretty obvious.

Change the test in the for
`PRIVATE == true`
to be something like
`NJPRIVATE == true`

Fix every file that has a
`define(“PRIVATE”, true/false)`
to be a
`define(“NJPRIVATE”, true/false)`

private is a reserved word in PHP 5.

That’s all it took. All of about 30 minutes once I decided to ignore all of the advice on the web.

Classic maintenance programming attack.

3 replies on “Netjuke vs. PHP 5”

What version of mysql are you using? The stock I’ve tried to get netjuke running on FreeBSD 6.1 using mysql 5 and always get an error when creating the tables; some get made, but it errors out with a problem during the netjuke php configuration.