Marilyn says “It’s about time”

I’m always amused when someone in a film or TV program says something like, “We’re going to blow up in thirty seconds”, then the characters proceed to talk, argue, vow undying love, or whatever for a full minute before the bomb is defused in the last seconds. I’m waiting for someone to put a stop watch on one of these encounters and blow them up in the predicted thirty seconds while they are in mid sentence. I always feel a little cheated that their thirty seconds are longer than mine.

via About Time – Marilyn J Evans’ Blog

Helping an Author Gather an Audience

A friend and author is entering the “real world” of publishing and marketing her works. First up is Beloved Lives by Marilyn J. Evans over at Amazon.

The only tools currently being used are Facebook and e-mail through a web interface. All the rest? Nope.

Starting with a blog (WordPress thankfully), needing some Twitter and other exposure as well.

Looks like I am going to be doing a bit more using the blogging tools, and linking/sharing in general.