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5 Things I Love About ChromaVerb – Logic Pro Expert

Chromaverb, introduced in Logic Pro X 10.4, sounds fantastic and has several unique features that make it really stand out. Take some time to explore it!
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Testing the plugins.

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Auto-Answer that phone, my friend

iPhone has the capability to automatically answer inbound phone calls. Much as this sounds, with the auto-answer feature enabled, the iPhone will answer all phone calls automatically that come to the phone.

via How to Make iPhone Automatically Answer Calls


logwatch on my Mac(s)

I have been running logwatch (installed via MacPorts) on my home Macs for at least a year.

logwatch --mailto root

Very recently my daily reports stopped showing up in my mail. I never like to see (not see) this happen.

Different versions of OS X.

Running things manually seems to work, but nightly job fails to send the mail report.

Chase things on the web, not much help, well, lots of false alarms. I finally saw a hint to turn off Apple’s org.postfix.master. I did that and voila, my logwatch mail started flowing again.

Who Knew?

Software Updates

Something should happen here


Need for speed 1: Newspaper load times give ‘slow news day’ new meaning

Dear newspaper publishers,

People are calling you names: “News Sites Are Fatter and Slower Than Ever.” They question your competence: “Local newspapers have done a terrible job building local digital audiences.”

Source: Need for speed 1: Newspaper load times give ‘slow news day’ new meaning | RJI


Seth’s Blog: Ad blocking

By most accounts, more and more people are automatically blocking the ads in their browser.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Ad blocking


Rebuilding the Libraries

The book library is being rebuilt. Just over 1,000 titles, complicated by weird additions that came from who knows where. Chris (my wife) has taken on that challenge.

The music library, sigh. It has been growing since 1974. Figure it out. 40+ years of music I want to have near to hand, whenever. Wherever has never been an issue. Now it starts to be.

I converted my vinyl to other forms. I converted my CDs to other forms. No one wants the plastic or the vinyl anymore, so I can keep it in a box as “backup”, but I know that even that conversion is perilous.

The CDs are falling apart. Not mistreated, just old. I got most of them (well, I lost about 5 out of 1,500, but most of them).

This time. I’ll deal with the scaling limits because *no one* has more than a few thousand songs. Like no one has more than a few thousand pictures.

Delivering the sounds where I want and when I want, well, mostly OK.

For now I pull a platter out of it’s sleeve, blow some moist air over it, lower it on to the plate, let it spin and join some people in the act of creating/listening to music.

It’s not a bad evening’s activity.



15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter

People don’t have the time or the attention span to read any more words than necessary. You want your readers to hear you out, understand your message, and perhaps be entertained, right? Here’s a list of words to eliminate to help you write more succinctly.

Source: 15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter

I would say that absolutely sums stuff up very honestly. Really.


Does Your Organization Need an Analytic Sandbox?

The analytic sandbox should be minimally governed. The idea is to create an environment that lives without all the overhead of the data warehouse environment. It should not be used to support the organization’s mission critical capabilities. It shouldn’t be used to directly control or support any core operational capabilities. Likewise, it is not intended to be utilized for ongoing reporting or analytics required by the business on an ongoing basis, especially any reporting that supports external reporting to meet financial or government regulations.

Source: Design Tip #174 Does Your Organization Need an Analytic Sandbox? – Kimball Group

Built one of these in 1992. It was retired in 2014.


Try safe mode if your Mac doesn’t finish starting up – Apple Support

Starting in safe mode without a keyboard If your Mac doesn’t have a keyboard available to start in safe mode but you have remote access to it, you can configure the Mac to startup in safe mode using the command line. Access the command line by either opening Terminal remotely, or by logging into the computer using SSH. Use the following Terminal command:

sudo nvram boot-args=”-x”

If you want to start in verbose mode as well, use this instead:

sudo nvram boot-args=”-x -v”

After using safe mode, use this Terminal command to return to a normal startup:

sudo nvram boot-args=""

Source: Try safe mode if your Mac doesn’t finish starting up – Apple Support