Top 10 Reasons for Sub-Optimized Analytics

Avoiding the ERP “Value Trap” with Your Analytic Applications

Top 10 Reasons for Sub-Optimized Analytics

1. A clear vision was not set or adhered to during implementation.

2. The applications were not designed within the context of an overall information architecture.

3. Rushed implementation timelines.

4. Business processes were not challenged and fundamentally rethought.

5. Insufficient attention to data quality.

6. The applications were not configured “optimally” based upon proven application-specific and industry best practices.

7. The organization and people were not aligned to embrace the new tools and support them going forward.

8. Lack of attention to the maintenance requirements of the solution.

9. Lack of commitment to sunset “rogue” analytic applications.

10. Viewing BPM and BI as a single phase project vs. a multiphase transformation.