SQL*Net passwords

Oracle Support

4) Security checking within the database
When the actual user has passed the VMS based authorization, then it is
checked against the database itself. Each user who wants to access a Rdb
database via SQL*Net for Rdb must have an entry in the USER$ table in the
Rdb database. The supplied procedure SYS$LIBRARY:RDB_NATCONN.COM must be
used to add users to this table. The adduser function will encrypt the
password. It is understood that this password (stored via RDB_NATCONN) must
be the same as the VMS password. And any user can run this procedure, it is
not required that the DBA run it.

We need to test this with one of our users and come up with the proper sequence of events…

1. Change password in database
2. Change password in VMS

Problem here is if the new password is not usable in VMS – they can’t get back into the database if they choose poorly