Seven Deadly Sins

What follows is a list of things you can do to really screw things up. What you might find odd about this list is some of the items might not seem so bad. However, a data warehouse isn’t a transactional system; it conforms to no particular standard, does not implement a particular application, and is very organic in nature. In short, the data warehouse you are about to build is unique to the company that’s building it, and you may find yourself inventing new ways to do what it is that you do in order to make it happen. And the best way to find out what works is to maneuver around what won’t work. Here are some don’ts you should take seriously.

The seven deadly sins of data warehouse implementation development – TechRepublic

Data warehouse implementation is a formidable undertaking. Most of the experience you bring to the task won’t fit a data warehouse’s unique requirements and challenges. There are several things you might ordinarily do that you should steer clear of when working on a data warehouse.