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IT Manager of the Future

Prepare now to be the IT manager of the future – TechRepublic

We here at TechRepublic don%u2019t spend a lot of time looking at what technology is going to be like five or 10 or 20 years from now. We abstain from such prognostications for a few reasons, including:
We%u2019re not very good at it.
Nobody else is good at it either (or else I%u2019d be commuting to work on a jet pack or in a fusion-powered flying car%u2014as countless pundits have been forecasting for the last 40 years).
That%u2019s not what you come to TechRepublic for. You want information you can use today to become more successful as an IT professional%u2014not hype-driven visions of a techno-utopia.