Articles: Data Warehouse Fundamentals

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Articles: Data Warehouse Fundamentals

Restating the foundations of data warehousing. To be read in chronological order.

A continuing series with more articles to appear in 2004.

Here’s the list from that page actually in chronological order –

An Engineer’s View (7/26/2002)
It’s worthwhile to remind ourselves why we build data warehouses
the way we do
Two Powerful Ideas< (9/17/2002)
The foundations for modern data warehousing
Divide and Conquer (10/30/2002)
Build your data warehouse one piece at a time
Fact Tables and Dimension Tables (1/1/2003)
The logical foundation of dimensional modeling
The Soul of the Data Warehouse, Part One: Drilling Down (3/20/2003)
Drilling down just means ‘show me more detail’
The Soul of the Data Warehouse, Part Two: Drilling Across (4/5/2003)
Drilling across means asking for the same row headers from another fact table
The Soul of the Data Warehouse, Part Three: Handling Time (4/22/2003)
The data warehouse takes a pledge to preserve history
TCO Starts With the End User (5/13/2003)
The conventional view of data warehouse total cost of ownership is myopic and wrong
Design Constraints and Unavoidable Realities (9/3/2002)
No design problem in school was this hard