Rebuilding the Libraries

The book library is being rebuilt. Just over 1,000 titles, complicated by weird additions that came from who knows where. Chris (my wife) has taken on that challenge.

The music library, sigh. It has been growing since 1974. Figure it out. 40+ years of music I want to have near to hand, whenever. Wherever has never been an issue. Now it starts to be.

I converted my vinyl to other forms. I converted my CDs to other forms. No one wants the plastic or the vinyl anymore, so I can keep it in a box as “backup”, but I know that even that conversion is perilous.

The CDs are falling apart. Not mistreated, just old. I got most of them (well, I lost about 5 out of 1,500, but most of them).

This time. I’ll deal with the scaling limits because *no one* has more than a few thousand songs. Like no one has more than a few thousand pictures.

Delivering the sounds where I want and when I want, well, mostly OK.

For now I pull a platter out of it’s sleeve, blow some moist air over it, lower it on to the plate, let it spin and join some people in the act of creating/listening to music.

It’s not a bad evening’s activity.


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