Following the Communication Path

Claudia Imhoff in What Do Customers Really Want from DM Review

Communications channels: Technolo-gists must have reliable answers and communications with their business users. We have made strides in ensuring that business users contribute their business knowledge and savvy to the IT implementers, but this area is still weak for many implementers. Shoring up the relationships between the business and IT still remains problematic and continues to be a source of unreliability in the overall implementations of BI.

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Larry English in Don’t Speak in Pronouns from DM Review

  • Validate the query requirements with the knowledge-worker by asking, “What do you mean by…?”
  • Accompany a query “answer” with a clear and correct label and with any context required to interpret it.
  • Provide the query question in plain English rather than in query language statements and cryptic table names.
  • Validate that the information recipient has understood the explicit scope and meaning of the information provided.
  • Ask appropriately formed questions designed to uncover any potential for false assumptions or misinterpretations.
  • Ensure that any circumstances that affect the information are described in footnotes accompanying the information.