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Enough With the Blogging Already

Darwin – Online Feature – Enough With the Blogging Already

Why Business and Blogs Are Like Oil and Water

The blogging phenomenon has been mostly about grass-roots politics and activism. Yet, a large amount of the hype from a growing movement of self-interested bloggers would have you believe that business will not survive if it doesn’t get blogging and change its ways of marketing for good. Here’s why that won’t happen:

Business doesn’t do “passion.” That, according to the experts, is the prime requirement for launching and successfully building a voice with a blog. On the contrary, business is about logic, predictability, executing a strategy, even-temperedness, a steady hand – and, yes, earning a profit (something absent in the field of blogging). Name one successful CEO known for passion who’s lasted beyond a short flameout period (okay, besides Steve Jobs).

The list goes on. I don’t necessarily agree. Then again, we aren’t always talking about “business”.

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