IntelligentEnterprise : The Next Wave of Data Management

IntelligentEnterprise : Feature: The Next Wave of Data Management

The search for better data management practices has led to data stewardship and data governance efforts, but confusion over roles and disconnects between IT and the business have led to gaps in cooperation. The next wave will bring customer data integration and master data management initiatives that promise to relieve business experts from the drudgery of defining and maintaining customer data, while developers will dodge the chaos of point-to-point integration.
By Jill Dych and Evan Levy

Templates for Operational BI Success

Templates for Operational BI Success

You are a candidate for operational BI if your departments need to do one or more of the following:

Combine current information with historical data to enable managers to make better decisions;

Check the status of operations throughout the day and make appropriate adjustments;

Handle customer and vendor requests for status information throughout the day so that the customer can improve its own operations;

Improve performance of employees by enabling them to easily modify certain reports to show the information they need;

Enable employees to quickly retrieve information from multiple systems to get the intra-day information they need.