Postfix Virtual Domain Hosting Howto

Postfix Virtual Domain Hosting Howto

1 /etc/postfix/
2 virtual_alias_domains = …other hosted domains…
3 virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual
5 /etc/postfix/virtual:
6 postmaster


Execute the command

“postmap /etc/postfix/virtual”

after changing the virtual file, and execute the command

“postfix reload”

after changing the file.

PHP enabling

often the PHP enabling (LoadModule AddModule) will be made correct during system update

we enable later

after system updates check and make sure that the PHP enabling is commented out in httpd.conf

we enable at the end – entropy

postfix and ports

add access to port 2525 by changing /etc/postfix/ – look in the .cf file for examples
restart the mail service

can be useful in deciding if ISP is blocking port 25 access.